May 10, 2018

Adventurers collection

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Adventurers collection

Following a brief introduction at Aircel, the Adventurers returned in this 1986 series at Adventure Publications, a division of Malibu. The title began by reprinting the first two Aircel issues. It then went on to complete the story “The Gate of Chaos” in which the heroes sought to retrieve the Keys of Telku for the evil lord Tarrus. In doing so, they had to overcome all manner of lethal traps, dread creatures, and dark sorcery.
Perhaps it was because their enemies were so great that they never really questioned what Tarrus meant to do with the keys. Those who lived would regret not having asked that question for a very long time…

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Comics list:

Adventurers 000 (1986) (Adventure) (DigitalVinyl-DCP).cbr
Adventurers 001 (1986) (Adventure) Extras (with Elf Warrior Prologue) (Foyle-DCP).cbr
Adventurers 001 (1986) (Aircel).cbr
Adventurers 001 (1986) (Aircel) (regular cover) (Foyle-DCP).cbr
Adventurers 002 (1990) (Aircel, Malibu) (remix with GN01).cbr
Adventurers 003 (1986) (Adventure).cbr
Adventurers 004 (1986) (Adventure).cbr
Adventurers 005 (1987) (Adventure) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers 006 (1987) (Adventure) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers 008 (1987) (Adventure) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers 009 (1987) (Adventure) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers 010 (1987) (Adventure) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers 07.cbr
Adventurers Book II 000 (1987) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book II 001 (1987) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book II 001 (1987) (Limited Edition extras) (BroomhandleMauser-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book II 002 (1988) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book II 003 (1988) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book II 004 (1988) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book II 005 (1988) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book II 006 (1988) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book II 007 (1988) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book III 001 (1989) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book III 001 (1989) (limited cover) (Foyle-DCP).jpg
Adventurers Book III 002 (1989) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book III 003 (1989) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book III 004 (1989) (beavx-DCP).cbr
Adventurers Book III 005 (1990).cbr
Adventurers Book III 006 (1990).cbr
Adventurers GN01 – The Chaos Gate (1990) (covers+extras) (READ NFO) (Foyle-DCP).cbr
Adventurers GN02 – The Halls of Anubis (1990) (covers) (Foyle-DCP).cbr
Adventurers GN03 – The Ways of the Worm (1990) (covers) (Foyle-DCP).cbr

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