Sep 15, 2018

Civil War Files (2006)

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Written by: Chris Biggs, Ronald Byrd, Madison Carter, Anthony Flamini, Michael Hoskin, Mark O’English Art by: Various Cover by: Steve McNiven

The legislation has been passed. The battle lines have been drawn. The opening shots have been fired. Now, as the controversial Super Hero Registration Act continues to divide America’s superhuman community, Tony Stark – head of the President’s Super Hero Task Force – has created the CIVIL WAR FILES, in-depth dossiers analyzing the potential threat posed by the nation’s most prominent superhumans. What does Stark know about Captain America? Who is the new Ant-Man? Can the Commission for Superhuman Activities be trusted? The CIVIL WAR FILES is the U.S. government’s primary source of superhuman intelligence!

Civil War Files (2006) (Digital) (Shadowcat-Empire).cbz
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