• Written by: Nicolas Jarry Art by: Paolo Deplano, Pierre-Denis Goux Cover by: Pierre-Denis Goux, Olivier H├ęban

    Faith is an indomitable flame, even in the depths of darkness, and in the depths of despair.
    Sriza is an exorcist of the Temple, a hero who has taken an oath to fight demons and to protect his parishioners. But when a terrible snowstorm isolates their valley from the rest of the world, and a horde of the possessed attacks the isolated villages, Sriza has to discover what the demons are looking for, if he is to have any chance of stopping them.

    Dwarves 08 – Sriza of the Temple (2018) (Soleil) (Digital-Empire).cbr
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    Dwarves Vol. 8 (2018)

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